Yamaha DM2000 96 channel digital console 24 bit 96 KHZ capable with moving faders. Serves as a very flexible and high quality front end and controller for Pro Tools.

Digidesign Pro Tools HD3 Accel System with: 196 I/O, 196 Digital I/O, MIDI I/O, Sync I/O, Glyph GT103 (3-1T drives), Apogee Big Ben reference clock.
Steinberg Nuendo
Steinberg Wavelab
Tascam DA38 (4)
Sony PCM R-700 DAT
Tascam 122 Mk-II

API 3124+ 4 channel Mic. Pre. / Direct Box
UREI 1176 Compressor / Limiter
Rupert Neve Designs 5012 Dual Mic. Pre.
Rupert Neve Designs 5043 Dual Comp.. / Limiter

Neumann: M149, U87, KM184 (2) Matched Pair
RFT CM-7151 Bottle Mic with Neumann M7 capsule and mods by Tracy Korby
Earthworks QTC40 (2) Matched Pair
Sennheiser MD421-2 (2, both the rare grey models, no switch)
Sennheiser MD421-U-5
Sennheiser MD403 S HN
Telefunken MD421-2 (rare grey model, no switch)
AKG: D112, D12E
Audix D6
Berlant Ribbon Mics, Matched Pair
Audio Technica: 4033, ATM63 (3)
Shure: SM57 (5), SM58

Genelec S30-D (pair), Genelec 7070A Subwoofer
Rane HC6 Headphone amp. Headphones by Sony, AKG, Sennheiser, Shure

Tripp Lite Full Sine Wave UPS (uninterruptible power source)
Furman IT-1230 Balanced Power System (reduces hum and noise)

Mac Pro, Dual Quad Core Intel Xeon 2.4 GHZ processors,
with 6 Gig ram and 24" cinema display
Carillon Music Computer 2.8 GHZ
Hammerfall 9652 cards

Mac Software:
Pro Tools 8.1
Sonnox Elite package
TL Space TDM Convolution Reverb
Celemony Melodyne Plugin
Antares Autotune
All Massey Plug-Ins
Digirack Plug-ins
Bomb Factory, asst.
Joe Meek compressor
Drumagog 5
Sonic NoNoise
Waves Diamond Package
Toast Titanium

PC Software:
Waves Diamond Package
Antares Autotune

* See (also) Vintage Keyboards below!
Yamaha 6' 1" grand piano professionally tuned
and maintained by Dave Conte RPT/CCT
M-Audio 88 Note Semi-weighted Controller
Fender Precision Bass
Fender Elite Precision Fretless Bass
Fender Standard American Strat
Fender Thinline Telecaster
Gibson Les Paul Studio


1965 Fender Deluxe Amp.
Early 60'sVox AC30 (Not re-issue)
Mesa Boogie Lone Star Special 1-12
Gallien Kruger 400RB Bass amp

* Vintage Keyboards:

Hammond A100 with a 142 (short 122) Leslie

This organ is a B3 down to the last drawbar with the exception of the cabinet. It sports a console style cabinet with internal amp and speakers. It is matched up with a Leslie 142 (a short 122). The Hammond and Leslie have been lovingly restored and rebuilt from the ground up by The Hammond Store and are like new! Hammonds have always been the choice for gospel, blues and jazz organ, but are also being used inreasingly for almost all styles of popular music. There are many good Hammond samples on the market, but NOTHING truly sounds like the real thing!

Wurlitzer 200-A

The original Wurli was born in the early 1950s, and has to this day, influenced generations of musicians and listeners! (The first recorded song to feature a Wurlitzer Electric Piano was Ray Charles' 'What'd I Say', released in 1959.  Other notable artists who have used the Wurli include: 3 Dog Night, Supertramp, and Norah Jones. The 200 Series especially the “A” is the most popular and, most agree, has the best action and sound amplification of all the models. Ours is pristine and according to our tech, is quite possibly “the sweetest sounding Wurli” he's ever worked on. You can test that opinion for yourself!

Rhodes Mark One Stage 73 Electric Piano

Hohner D6 Clavinette

Agogo bells, Rhythm Tech Tambourines (3), Small tambourine, Cowbell, Egg shakers, Shakeree seed, Maracas, Claves, LP one shot shakers, Rain Stick and more...

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